Thursday, March 21, 2013


Have you heard about Threadbias?  I came across and ad for the site in a Flickr group and I just had to join.  There are lots of groups for just about any interest.  It's also nice because you can upload your projects and get feedback.  For a Newbie like me, I feel like it's a great place where I can share my projects to a smaller community...  There is also a Newbie Quilter group that focuses on beginner bee blocks (perfect for me!) 

From the Threadbias About page:

Threadbias is a sewing community on the web – whether you are stitching up beautiful quilts, making pajamas or purses, designing patterns and planning projects. If your fingers start itching to stitch whenever you see a stack of fresh fabric, this is your community. Here you can connect with other Theaders, exchange ideas share projects you're proud of and join or create groups. We started Threadbias, but we need you to make it great. As our community grows, we know Threadbias will become an active and thriving place for you to gather.

If you're a sewer of any kind you should think about joining.  Since it's a smaller community, I've found that it's a lot easier to get involved here than trying to find my way on Flickr.  I still want to be involved in Flickr groups, but Threadbias will be a good way for me to network with other quilters in a smaller setting.  So far I'm really enjoying it!

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