Thursday, April 18, 2013

#xplusalong bandwagon

I decided to jump on the #xplusalong bandwagon, especially after seeing this stunning quilt by Holly (bijoulovely).  I love how the bold colors of the Field Study line contrast with the black and white.  But, I don't have an Instagram (well I do, but I don't know how to use it), so I'll just post progress here and on Flickr.   

Here is my first block (ignore the untrimmed strings and the wrinkly table cloth).  It's really the only thing I have sewn since we're back from vacation, which is sad because we've been home for 2 weeks.

This block is made entirely out of scraps from a scrap pack I got from Hawthorne Threads, except for the black straw fabric.  I'm still not confident in my abilities so I don't really want to cut into more expensive stash fabric, plus the blocks are supposed to be scrappy.  The tutorial also calls for cutting the crosses on the bias... which I had no idea how to do until I made this block.  Horray for learning new things!

I don't have a ton of black and white in my stash, so I did splurge and buy some half yard cuts of black and white fabric to use.  I had been eyeing that library script fabric for a long time, but it was out of stock on, so when it came back in stock (and was on sale to boot) I had to scoop some up.

I'm thinking that my first attempt in scrappy fabrics will be a nice gift for my sister whose birthday is in October (at the rate I finish projects this will take me until October!).  These blocks are using the 12.5" modified cutting instructions, so it would take 7 blocks across and 8 blocks down to make a full sized quilt... not too bad considering every other block I've made so far has taken much more sewing and has a smaller finished size.  I'm afraid to actually quilt a full sized quilt on my dinky little Craigslist sewing machine, so I will probably use the quilt as you go method to get these blocks quilted.

If I decide to make another xplus quilt for myself, I would really love to use these fabrics from Pat Bravo's Indie line.  I have to actually finish a quilt though before I buy more fabric otherwise Ryan will be annoyed with me.  I feel like these fabrics would give the same bold look as Bijou Lovely's quilt without being a complete copy-cat.

I have some more things to post.  Maybe some vacation pictures once we go through the >1000 we took, so thanks for visiting!

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