Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clashy Bright Mosaic Contest Entry

I love bright colors, and I love summer.  So when I saw that Rachel at Stitched in Color was holding another mosaic contest I had to join the fun this time.  The challenge is to create a "Clashy Bright" palette of fabrics based on Marmalade Fabrics stock.

My inspiration is a field of summer wildflowers.  I love the pops of color surrounded by harmonious greens.  Sadly, I found fabric choices to be a little limiting... I really wanted some more bright colors, like magenta, but I had to settle for a more subdued pink.

And here's my color selections.  The AMH fabric was a given based on the title of the fabric line :)  And I tried to select colors based around that fabric swatch.  If you'd like to join the fun, you can find Rachel's contest post here and it runs through July 18.  Happy Summer!


  1. First off, the meadow picture is fantastic! Your fabric choices are happy and bright!

    1. Thanks Vicki, it was a fun game to play :)


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