Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Sewing Goals and To-do

I'm putting this in writing so I hold myself accountable, and it will be nice to cross things off the list!  I'm sure this list will grow and change as the year progresses :)

my WIP box
Gifts + Swaps

basting my first quilt of 2015!

  • Baby quilt for Tobin and Amy (Due Jan. 5) -- currently: Finished!
  • Schnitzel & Boo mini swap (Due Jan. 23) -- currently: Finished
  • Birthday present for Christine (Due Feb. 10) -- currently: cutting/piecing
  • Birthday present for Shannon (Due March 14) -- currently: piecing
  • Rainbow mini swap (Due Apr. 6) -- currently: quilting
  • Sew South secret sister (Due Apr. 16) -- currently: planning
  • Sew South fabric basket swap (Due Apr. 16) -- currently: planning
  • Swap with Jess (Due Apr. 23) -- currently: planning and cutting
  • Mid Atlantic Mod Secret Sewist (Due Apr. 23) -- currently: awaiting assignment
  • Mid Atlantic Mod Mini Quilt swap (Due Apr. 23) -- currently: planning
  • Briar Rose Quilt for Autumn (Due July) -- currently piecing

Monthly and yet to be assignment commitments

  • Grace Circle blocks (monthly)
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling (bi-monthly)

Quilt WIPs

Pile of x-plus blocks

  • DS disappearing 9 patch (Due June 7 so I can have it signed!) -- currently: piecing 
  • Starbright Quilt -- currently: piecing

Starbright Quilt mock-up

  • Penny Sampler (in time-out) -- currently: piecing 

Penny Sampler Blocks so far

New Projects
  • Quilts for nephews (5) and nieces (1)
  • C+S Single Girl quilt
  • Stitched-in-Color "handstitched" class

  • Sew 15 minutes every day
  • #SewMyStash2015
  • Blog at least bi-weekly
  • Learn garment sewing
  • FMQ!
  • Try selling at a craft show


  1. LOVE your list! Oh geez, I need to start on your mini! I've been thinking about possibilities but I'm not completely sure yet! Also love the idea of getting that quilt signed. I should bring my voile quilt to AMH at Quiltcon :D You can do this!!

  2. Good luck. You've got lots of prettiness here to work with!

  3. Your Starbright quilt will be gorgeous!


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