Friday, August 16, 2013

TGIFF: bee blocks

I had every intention to participate in SarahQuilts "Show me Yours" stash link up, but holy cow, my life has exploded lately!  In personal news:  We have an official date for our move to our new Library building.  Things at work are in a complete tumult right now and it's really busy.  It's also unlikely that I'm going to be able to take any time off work for the next 3 months or so.

I'm really glad I finished all my August bee blocks early this month, because of how hectic things have been.

My first, and the bee I've been a member of the longest is the Newbee Quilters bee on Threadbias.  This month, our queen asked for rainbow Charming Stars blocks.  I love that this tutorial takes charm squares, because I have a HUGE pile of charms from different swaps.  I grabbed a rainbow of charms and this is what I came up with

 The blocks that others in the hive have posted have all been super cute.  I really need to make a rainbow quilt...

Next up are my do.Good.Stitches Grace Circle blocks.  Jenny wanted 12.5" Star Crossed blocks that feature pink, purple, or fuchsia.

This quilt is going to be so much fun, I can't wait to see it come together.  Last month's quilter just posted a picture of the Asterisk Flying Geese layout of our blocks from July, and it looks fabulous :)  I feel so lucky to be part of such a great group!

Last, but certainly not least, I am so thrilled to be part of another bee that formed out of the New Blogger's Blog Hop -- the Scrap-Bee-Licious bee.  If you couldn't tell from the bee name, the purpose is to choose a block that is scrap friendly.  These ladies are so talented and I can't wait to have a quilt from this group.  Our inaugural queen is Ashley from Wasn't Quilt in a Day and she requested Converging Corners blocks with white center squares.  This quilt is so cool, I don't know how I hadn't seen these before!

 Ashley and I share a Denyse Schmidt fetish, so I knew I had to include some DS fabrics in her blocks :)

 If you want to follow along with the lovely ladies in the bee, here's the schedule for our little bee:

Thanks for stopping by!  Do you participate in any quilting bees?


  1. Your bee blocks all look great! We'll see your stash soon I'm sure.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I planned to take stash pics today, but it's rainy -- lame!

  2. I love all of your bee blocks! Bees sound like lots of fun, but I have a little bit of fear about sewing for someone else. Plus, I always have so many things I want to make that I'm always afraid I won't have time to get them done.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. You should definitely get involved in some bees (especially since you just made those 4 quilts for your dad and Uncles!). It's a great way to play with different blocks and learn new techniques :) I generally try to knock out my Bee blocks right away so I don't risk them being late.

  3. These blocks are wonderful! I am still "thinking" on the converging corner blocks for Ashley - your came out great!

    1. The blocks were so much fun to make, and best of all the only "stash" fabric I used was the white, and even that was a scrap piece from something else :) I think as long as your blocks include some brights, Ashley will love them!


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