Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Dogwood Petals

Greetings all!  Gosh it has been a hectic week around here.  We started moving to our new library building on Monday... I'm exhausted, and it's only Wednesday!!!  The first thing to be moved was our server... so the internet went with the server to the new building on Monday, and I have no daytime internet connection since (hence my lack of blog reading).  Despite the chaos, I have found some time to sew.

I've mentioned before that I am taking Rachel @ Stitched in Color's Penny Sampler class.  I am a little ashamed to say that I haven't even started the Penny Sampler blocks yet (yup, slacker, I know).  Our first applique practice project is the Dogwood Blossoms quilt.  Since I've had Madrona Road sitting (...languishing...) in my stash since I became interested in quilting, I decided that it would be the perfect line to use for this project

I chose 16 of the more colorful prints from the line and cut up all my 6" squares.  I decided that I wanted to do sew and turn applique (it looked like a lot less hassle than dealing with starch and pressing) so I cut up some muslin too.

Clockwise from Top: Cotton Couture Peony,  CC Apricot, CC Canary, Kona Perriwinkle, CC Denim, CC Watermelon 
To supplement the prints, I decided to fill out the rest of the blossoms with solids.  These were actually just delivered today... my stash is very low on solids so when I need some I have to order online.

Here are my completed petals.  I still have yet to sew the rest of the pinks and oranges (6 prints).  And I have to cut and sew my solids as well.  The chevron fabric is my favorite.  I had to cut the squares on the bias to get them going the proper direction.

Now I need your help deciding on a background print.  I got the spots at the expensive LQS in my area.  It's hard to see but it's more of a warm gray.  The solid on the right is Kona Iron.  I'm leaning toward the print, but if I use the print I have no idea what I will use for sashing.  If I use the Kona Iron, I can use one of the gray prints from the Madrona Road line as sashing...  What do you think?

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  1. Looking great!I am falling in love in the idea of both as the background! A four patch with printed on one diagonal and solid on the other!

  2. Very pretty! I would lean toward the solid ground, to let the prints really sparkle and give the eye somewhere to rest. Love your colors!

  3. Of course, I like the print as the background fabric. (No one is surprised. Like you, I have to buy solids when I oh-my-gosh need them.) Could you sash in a white with black dots, if you use the print? Like one of those new Riley Blake le Creme dots? I'd use Comma but we all know I have a problem at this point. :)

    I love the idea of using Madrona Road for this project! Your petals look nice and smooth. Well done so far!

  4. I like the dots, as I like to say, "Life is too short for solids." ;) It actually looks great both ways. You can't lose.

  5. Can you go half and half like your picture? When I can't decide I just do both lol :)

  6. Those are great! I love the dots, can you use the solid as your sashing if you use the dots as your background?

  7. the dots are kind of fun and as long as they aren't too high contrast I don't think they distract from your pedals, such a pretty stack by the way.

  8. I really love your petals! I think I would go with the solid.Then go wild with the sashing.
    either way have fun!
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  9. No clue on the backing--that's always tricky, but I do know it will recede into the background, so don't spend too much time fussing over it. Your wonderful dogwood petals will shine shine shine (love Madrona Road!). I just bought a slew of solids at a quilt show--they had them all laid out like candy, so how could I resist, but normally, I'm like you--it's a just-in-time sort of purchase around here.

    Elizabeth E.


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